SPand bottom notes V3

Le trépied par excellence, réglable et compatible avec tous types de handpan même en bottom notes !!
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SPand is a support for handpan / pantam.

It is the tripod par excellence, referenced by all the best handpan players.

Adjustable and compatible with all types of handpans, tongues drums from Ø25cm

Version 3: Now compatible with Bottom Notes HandPans!!

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  • Suction cup attachment system
  • Height adjustment between 54cm and 95cm and can be assembled very quickly.
  • Possibility of playing standing or sitting!
  • Reinforced tripod system (three feet) with grooved rubberized pads for better grip on all types of floors and anti-vibration isolation
  • Includes a locking system, when the system is open the tripod does not close for safe play, and when closed the system does not open for comfortable transport.
  • Weight: 2.4kg / Aluminum tubes

The video shows how to unlock/block the locking system.

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