Who am I ?


Professionalism, quality of service and sharing, because my passion is also yours!

My name is Grégory Zwingelstein, I am also known under the nickname Kurungai or Djapana, Didgerdidoo/Yidaki player and multi-instrumentalist.

My encounter with the didgeridoo dates back to 1999. Since then, Australia has always been a dream, I have made it a reality through numerous trips and my spirit has remained linked to this land and its inhabitants: the Aborigines.

I was adopted in August 2007 by Mirarra Burarrwanga, like her brother, I now have the right to apply the laws of the Gälpu and Gumatj clan. Mirarra gave me the name Djapana “sunset dreaming”. Since 2007, my style of play has focused on what the aborigines call the "right way", a very complex traditional game. To date, after numerous travels and many months spent in communities in the North-East of Australia, I put my experience and perspective on this ancestral culture at your service!

Kurungai et djalu

Before offering the instruments for sale, I personally test them one by one and I develop a descriptive sheet of their sound qualities and their characteristics. I thus give you the confidence necessary to purchase your instrument.


Why Didgeridoo Passion? After several years of waiting and fruitless research on the internet , I decided in 2006 to create the Didgeridoo Passion website dedicated to the didgeridoo and Aboriginal art from northern Australia. Much more than a commercial site, this website is above all a mine of advice on discovery, maintenance, playability as well as an approach to culture and art. With the aim of fairness and quality. As its name suggests, the didgeridoo is a passion for me. I will rather specify the yidaki: "traditional" didgeridoo for the aboriginal Yolngus of the north, and all the culture that results from it.

Since November 2008, I have brought to fruition a project that has been close to my heart for a very long time: Living 100% from my passion and opening the local Didgeridoo Passion . So get yourself a selection of the best Didgeridoos currently available on the market. For this and to better serve you, Didgeridoo Passion has partnered with the best Australian and French Didgemakers.

Stand interview International Geography Festival 2015 Saint Dié des Vosges :

Since January 2010 Didgeridoo Passion has been transformed and opened its manufacturing and repair workshop dedicated to the didgeridoo . I offer my services to repair or maintain all types of didgeridoos, wood and varnish.

Since February 2019 Didgeridoo Passion has been established in Auvergne , come visit me to try, discuss, exchange this endless and limitless passion, you will be seduced by the diversity and quality of the instruments offered for sale. A Didgeridoo forest awaits you in a magnificent atmosphere of Aboriginal art from Northern Australia! For more information and to visit us, do not hesitate to consult the “ Store ” page.

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