Learn online with Wakademy

Didgeridoo lessons accessible for all levels!

I present to you Wakademy, official partner of Didgeridoo passion! This online school (but not only that) was created in 2018 by Gauthier Aubé, an internationally recognized French player.

Gauthier Wakademy is based on 4 axes:

  • Online courses (free or paid)
  • A community (with a forum and a player map via a mobile application)
  • Internships in France, Switzerland and Belgium
  • And Wakatoo, a card game for composing your own didgeridoo rhythms

Since we're here to talk about online classes, I'm going to focus on the didgeridoo classes that Gauthier offers. However, if you are interested in Wakademy's other activities, I will let you visit the site directly here.


And for online didgeridoo lessons, the good news is that Gauthier offers two options:

  1. Completely free courses to learn the basics
  2. Ultra-comprehensive paid training, with real individual support!

1. Online didgeridoo lessons (free)

Currently, you will find 3 free courses on Wakademy:

A. Beginner didgeridoo lesson: Tame the continuous breath

Learn continuous breathing in 4 simple and accessible steps . You'll be surprised to see that it 's simpler than it looks ! Here is the first video of the course to give you an idea:

Click here to learn continuous breathing

B. Intermediate didgeridoo course : Develop your sense of rhythm on the didgeridoo

To play rhythms that sound, you have to understand how the breath structures the rhythm. This is what you will learn in this course! Same principle, here is the course introduction video:

Click here to develop your rhythms

C. Intermediate didgeridoo lesson : Increase your speed (wobble)

Wobbles will allow you to develop your speed like no other technique. A must-have for the didgeridoo! And still the first video:

Click here to learn Wobbles  

2. Paid training (with individualized support)

The problem with online training is that we often find ourselves alone at home in front of our computer without really knowing if we are not developing bad habits... This is why Gauthier offers support individual with each of its training courses (more than 100 videos per training and dozens of rhythms).

So for 6 months, you have the possibility to send one video per month (via WhatsApp) directly to Gauthier and he will send you an audio of several minutes to guide you in your learning. This is a way to feel a little less alone with your didgeridoo!

I'll let you discover on Wakademy the (very comprehensive) training courses that Gauthier offers!