Choosing your Didgeridoo

Didgeridoos are fascinating instruments.
Especially since they are unique, all different from each other...

Step 1: Are you a beginner and don't know which didgeridoo to start with?

My advice: Before investing in an instrument, I recommend the traveldidg beginner pack. Thanks to this set you have everything you need to get started: The reference method associated with traveldidg .

The traveldidg, an excellent didgeridoo to start with:

  • It has a silicone mouthpiece with the perfect diameter of 30mm.
  • Different configurations possible to change the note depending on the length of the instrument.
  • Easy to sound instrument.
  • Very durable for excellent sound quality and low weight.



  • Yes but I prefer wood...
    I then recommend this category -> Didgeridoo Triton Squad Atlante range : Whether you are a beginner or simply a player with a limited budget, this instrument will suit you perfectly. Its open column will allow you to progress easily and quickly. Here is the new reference for the French Didgeridoo for learning!


  • Yes but I want an authentic instrument from Australia...
    I then recommend this category -> The Budget didge O'Meara class : Ideal for getting started with the didgeridoo with a quality instrument that is versatile and above all easy to play. Or simply for a player wishing to get their hands on an authentic termite eucalyptus instrument from Australia!

Step 2: You already have a didg and want to upgrade to the next level? What budget for which didgeridoo?

Step 3: What are the different characteristics of a didgeridoo? Read this article!