Payment & Delivery

My Prices: The selling prices of instruments or works of art are inclusive of tax, and take into account different factors: the manufacturer, the sound quality of the instrument but also the quality of the paint work (certain paints require many hours of work) etc...

On the other hand, the costs relating to the importation of instruments (taxes, customs fees, etc.) are already included in the sale price of the instruments. You then know exactly the amount of your order, unlike a purchase directly from Australia, USA or other countries.

Delivery to a country outside the European Union or in the French Overseas Territories . Upon delivery, taxes and customs duties may apply to imports. These taxes vary depending on the country of destination. Import customs taxes for musical instruments and accessories (Customs Code 920600)  

Delivery: The   Delivery time is 72 hours upon receipt of bank payment or validation of payment services (PayPal or credit card). The 72-hour deadline includes: preparation of the order and shipping within 24 hours, and delivery within 48 hours. Shipments are entrusted to Laposte Service Colissimo or to carriers depending on your location and the type of product ordered.

Didgeridoo Passion applies shipping and packaging costs adapted to the price of your order!

Amount of your order France* Area A** Area B*** Area C****
1 to 18€ 4.00€ 6€ 8€ 9€
18 to 29€ 6.50€ 9€ 15€ 19€
29 to 50€ 7.50€ 14€ 19€ 39€
50 to 150€ 9.50€ 19€ 29€ 59€
150 to 390€ Free 29€ 49€ 75€
390€ to 690€ Free 39€ 59€ 99€
690 to 1100€ Free 45€ 79€ 149€
above 1100€ Free 59€ 99€ 189€
* Metropolitan France, Corsica, (excluding DOM-TOM)
** Zone A: European Union countries, Réunion, Guadeloupe, Croatia, Monaco (DOM-TOM)
*** Zone B: Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Russia, Israel
**** Zone C: Mexico, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Korea, China, Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand

Packaging: Each item is carefully packaged. The didgeridoo is sent in its cover, covered in bubble wrap, all in a box with the right dimensions (see example didgeridoo image below).

Payment by Bank Card: We use the Cybermut P@iement platform and the "3D Secure" protocol, Crédit Mutuel's secure online payment solution, certified PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Your bank details never pass through our site and we therefore have no knowledge of them at any time.

The PCI DSS standard has been adopted by the MasterCard and Visa networks to enhance security relating to the use and storage of cardholder data. This certification demonstrates the high level of security enjoyed by the thousands of merchants who trust Cybermut P@iement. It is an essential element of the chain of trust that links merchants to their Internet customers.
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By check: Please make your check payable to Didgeridoo Passion and return it to the following address:

Didgeridoo Passion 8 rue de la Chapelle 43320 LOUDES

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By PayPal: You can pay with your Paypal account. PayPal protects your financial information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. Your bank details never pass through our site and we therefore have no knowledge of them at any time.

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By bank transfer: Our national or international bank details (IBAN) will be provided to you when you order

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