Shamanic drum in tunable canvas 50cm

Moyen modèle Ø50cm accordable chambre à air + mailloche + support
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Here is the shamanic drum in canvas fabric, tunable made in France by Triton Squad

Drum Called “vegan” because unlike the traditional drum, the animal skin is replaced by canvas fabric. The frames of different diameters: 40 cm or 16 inches, 50 cm or 20 inches and 60 cm or 24 inches are made from fir. The quality of the wood as well as its eco-responsibility are the major concerns of Triton Squad. The wood used therefore bears the PEFC or FSC label and is always first choice.


Size: 50 cm or 20 inches / Weight: 1.5kg / 15 sides in fir / Gray canvas / Black edging

This 50cm canvas drum offers a mid-bass sound, very versatile and rich in harmonics.


You can decorate your drum as you wish, with textile markers, POSCA or acrylic paint for example. It is essential to take ownership of your drum and put your own energies into it. Triton Squad energetically cleanses each drum so that it is as neutral as possible to better accommodate your energies and intentions.


Each drum is tunable thanks to the integrated air chamber. Thus it is possible to obtain a variation of one octave. The drums are suitable for shamanic journeys, vibrational healing or simply for the purely musical aspect. Another huge advantage is that this type of drum does not fear humidity unlike natural skins. The instruments are of very good quality, both in terms of their finish and their sound. A great alternative to animal skins, from the first seconds you will be transported!

  • Shipping costs are free! (only for France)

Each drum comes with:

  • an air pump
  • a soft mallet which allows for a gentle and caring strike suitable for guided meditation for example
  • a wooden display that will allow you to display and store your drum safely
  • the user guide

Triton Squad

French manufacturer of “Triton Squad” didgeridoos

Mitch, who is he?

Alias Mich or Mitch, he started music at the age of 10 by learning the trumpet in his village's music school. A jack of all trades, he also indulges in the joys of the clarinet and the synthesizer. In 1999, when he was 18 years old, he made his first trip to Australia, to visit his godfather and godmother. The latter offered him an instrument then little known in France: the didgeridoo. He immediately fell under the spell and returned a few weeks later with his first didgeridoo under his arm. Entirely self-taught, he perseveres and overcomes one by one the challenges posed by this ancestral and sacred instrument. Passionate and constantly in search of new sounds, he accumulates a veritable forest of didgeridoos, often leaving those around him perplexed when it comes to the high number of his instruments. He is regularly asked if Triton Squad is not an association of didgeridoo players... To this he replies that no, he is alone and happy. His dream is to reach 100 didgs at the end of his life. On several occasions he made his own instruments, which delighted him to the highest degree.

What is Triton Squad?

In 2013, the level he reached allowed him to create his company “Triton Squad” so that he could share his passion and make the didgeridoo known to as many people as possible. His business is divided into 5 types of services: concerts, educational interventions, vibraphonic treatments, private lessons and the manufacture/sale of didgeridoos. Mitch wants to work with children and adolescents to share with them the pacifist values linked to the practice of his instrument. To enable him to practice in the school environment, he received approval as an external speaker in musical education for the departments of Haut Rhin and Bas Rhin.

In May 2017, he “confronted” himself with the greatest European players during Didg à didg n°4. He then finished in the round of 16.

In 2019, during didg to didg n°5 which became international with the arrival of 2 Mexicans, a Peruvian and an Iranian, Mitch finished the pacifist competition in the semi-final, i.e. in the top 4 of the best registered players to this competition.

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