Ngalyod 2394-09

Ngalyod serpent arcenciel avec l'homme seul, Nelson Nayilibidj
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After the deluges of the wet season, gadayka, the stringybark eucalyptus, is stripped of its bark which is then hardened by fire, flattened and dried. The colors (red, yellow, black and white) are obtained from ochres and natural pigments from the earth. The lines are made with a brush which is made from a lock of human hair. Each artist produces the miny'tji, or sacred drawings, which belongs to his clan using a meticulous superposition of different lines to produce what is called the cross line. Model understandable by those who possess the knowledge which belongs to a very specific domain of the clan, tribe, place...


Each painting comes with its description, certificate of authenticity and a biography of the artist.


Meaning: Ngalyod Rainbow Serpent with the Lonely Man by Bronwyn Kelly
Artist: Nelson Nayilibidj
Dimensions: 750 x 545mm
Paint: Ochres, natural pigments

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