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Here are the new Frog Drums models, much less expensive than the Rav Vast and above all for identical quality. Among all the percussions and handpans, it is the only one that has complete harmonization on each blade.

frog drum

How are they made? The Frog Drum is made from high quality steel without paint coating, heat treated to obtain a corrosion limiting coating. Due to the internal rigid resonator design, Frog Drums do not require re-tuning. They are tuned once during the crafting process and do not need to be tuned again. All these manufacturing rules will allow you to keep your percussion for several decades!
The richness of the tone of the Frog Drums evokes the sacred beauty of a cathedral sound! The fundamental in the center, the fifth and the upper octave on the edges. The Frog drum is played very well with the hands. It can also be played with rubber mallets for more intensity. Technology for everyone! beginners or not!! Please note that I am via Didgeridoo Passion the official European distributor of the Frog Drums company!
Maintenance: Like all high-end musical instruments, it must be taken care of. I recommend using the protective cover, a tripod and using the products found in the accessories category of the website.
To clean your percussion, only use Phoenix oil , (oil dedicated to the treatment of the handpan). Wipe your instrument regularly after playing with the microfiber cloth (only for this purpose). Do not hesitate to treat your instrument 3 or 4 times a year. (you can increase this frequency in case of frequent use outdoors). Never put oil inside your instrument, it's useless.

G Pygmy Scale : G2 C3 D3 D#3 G3 A#3 C4 D4 F4

Atmosphere: Mysterious. The melodies we compose with the G Pygmy range make me think of big rainy clouds and the particular smell of the ground before a storm. The Pygmée scale has a very pleasant chord progression which is very popular among handpan players.

The G Pygmy scale is sometimes called the "day and night" scale. It has both major and minor keys and can create two distinct moods. The higher notes provide a sunny daytime feel, while the lower notes make the sound a little more dramatic and meditative at night. You can switch between these two moods and create incredibly sophisticated and contrasting compositions. The G Pygmy range is ideal for playing both slowly and quickly, this is what makes the instrument truly versatile.


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