Cover didgeridoo oilskin regular small

Cover didgeridoo oilskin regular small

Ø13.5cm, Droite, longueur didg max 140cm
- Optional

This cover, specially designed for the didgeridoo, features the best Australian quality of the famous Oilskin.

The Oilskin raincoat is a dense 100% cotton fabric from Australia, it is waterproof, windproof, resistant to humidity and wear. Your instrument will no longer move and will be protected from shocks, you ultimately obtain extra quality and optimum protection.

Max diameter of the didg: 13.5cm
Max didg length: 140cm



Features of our Oilskin covers:

- Exterior protection: 100% cotton Oilskin treatment, waterproof, windproof, moisture-proof, and wear-resistant.
- Interior protection: sheep wool plus an Ultra Strong water-repellent nylon lining, perfect insulation to protect your didgeridoo against heat, climate changes, and atmospheric conditions
- Reinforced cross-stitch seam for all fixings
- Storage of the didg by velcro closure

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