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Son EP didg solo: Alma No Sopro
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Tiago Francisquinho , EP didg solo: Alma No Sopro, Info and tracks :

Tiago comes to us from Portugal, plays and experiments with different musical instruments. He developed his musical inspiration around the didgeridoo and percussion. At the age of 20, Tiago moved to Lisbon, capital of Portugal, where he began to study mastering, a very important subject to continue his musical work. He started playing the didgeridoo about 10 years ago. Over time, Tiago came across experienced didge players around the world. And his influences come from everyone. With the will and motivation to improve your game every day.

Tiago's comments on his EP : "I bought studio equipment to be able to make my own music. "Alma no sopro" is a first attempt and represents the soul I put into my music. The songs are all linked to the sea, the ocean, rivers, waterfalls, rain…. Why water? because water gives and takes life. Water is what surrounds. my deepest feelings. Water is what relaxes and refreshes my soul and body. Water is our most precious gift on earth.

1- Lullaby Of Time
2- Human Flood
3- Seven Train
4- In Another Beat
5- To Yemanjá

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