CD SenZôria

Album: Sixième Sens, Chant, didgeridoo et multi-instruments
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Album: SenZôria Sixième Sens , Info:

This album invites you to awaken the senses: Between dream and reality, we invite you to a world of travel. A world that touches the child in each of us. Like a hand that guides you, Aurélie's crystalline voice will mix with Grégory's didgeridoos, cosmicbow, sansula and other magical instruments. Let yourself be carried along a musical path, in a timeless universe of sweet harmonies!

1- Travel
2- Time
3- Adele
4- Lilla
5- The Sea
6- Illusions
7- Flight
8- Hopes
9- Ganesha
10- The Path
11- The storm
12- Shaman

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