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Le trio, leur tout nouvel album: Graine de cristal
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OLOJI , Album: Seed Of Crystal , Info and tracks :

"We are the group OLOJi, and here is our next album "Seed Of Crystal". After two years of touring with our show Osni, bringing together our EP "Orion" and our first album "Osni", we wanted to create another music, our evolution. The new thing on this record is the arrival of Alexandre Chaigne, the group's sound engineer and arranger, on stage on keyboards. We are a completely independent group, carrying out our projects in self-production. album “Seed Of Crystal”

OLOJi leaves its mark with original instrumentation from contemporary Asian, Oriental, Aboriginal and Western cultures. From ethnic traditions to the contemporary West, their style fuses antiquity and modernity, from electro to jazz. From the presence of the didgeridoo to the melodious handpans, including the bansuri flute, the santoor, percussion and electronic machines, the genres merge. Their inspirations remind us of groups with striking world/jazz colors like Hadouk trio, Anouar Brahem or Wadhom. A style without borders, an ETHNIC FUSION musical trio.

  • Laurent Sureau: Hang, Handpans, Drums
  • Othello Ravez: Didgeridoos, Jaw harp, Voice
  • Julien Coste: Bansuri Flutes, Handpan, Santoor, Voice
  • Alexandre Chaigne: Rhodes, Synthé Bass, Synthesizers

1- Gearing
2- Crystal Drop
3- Chase
4- Seeds
5- Vision
7- Time Out
8- The Call
9- Siko

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