CD The Mulka Manikay vol2

Archives: Dhalinybuy
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The Mulka Project is pleased to announce the release of 7 manikay CDs from the Yolngu communities of North East Arnhemland. These are quality field recordings, from remote Yolngu communities:

  • Dhalinybuy
  • Yilpara
  • Gurrumuru
  • Yingapungapu
  • Yilan
  • Rorruwuy
  • Wandawuy

The publication of these recordings is important because it is the first time that these communities have shared their manikay to the general public. Each track contains manikay specific to each clan, recorded as a song cycle. The styles vary considerably between each record and help give a good overview of the stylistic differences and similarities between manikay of Yolngu clans.

The recordings have been adapted so that each start and stop in the melody cycle is an individual track. This gives the listener the freedom to move around the recording, while still maintaining the flow of the melody cycle. The recordings capture the atmosphere of each region and give an authentic sense of place.

Please note that all archive CDs are in limited edition, if they are out of stock it will no longer be possible to obtain them!

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