CD Les Bums 2

Le duo de musiciens multi-instrumentistes, Album: Si c'est trop aigu, c'est pas grave !!
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Their new Album: If it's too high, it doesn't matter!! , Info and leads :

One blows into a strange hollow tree branch while tapping on a wooden box which serves as a seat... The other strums a metal guitar placed flat on his knees while blowing into a harmonica... Then as soon as a hand, a foot, a mouth frees itself, these are flutes, a washboard, bells, or an “almost automatic” lego guitar which are integrated into the show… The two of us form the Bums, a duo of musicians multi-instrumentalists. On stage or in the street, our pleasure is to introduce the spectator to unusual sounds and musical arrangements. Whether they are made by us, tinkered, arranged, unearthed near us or far from here, all our instruments have a story that we never tire of telling, hoping that they will take you on a journey and make you smile as much as we do!


1- Tiger Fly
2- Banjob
3- Preskoto
4- Trolala
5- Mustard
6- Gâtine the Brave
7- Contact sweater
8- Face to face
9- Stream
10- GR Banal (Tube3)
11- Reustaboulich
12- FMV

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