CD Iban Nikolai Organika

Le célèbre joueur espagnol, Album: Organika
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Album: Organika , Info:

Iban Nikolai comes to us from Spain. Musician and didgeridoo teacher for over 15 years. He trained in Australia with the Aborigines, as well as with the most remarkable professionals in Europe. He has collaborated with groups such as Oreka TX, Briganthya, Zea Mays, among others, and musicians such as Xabi San Sebastián, Ibon Coterón or Luis Camino. Generous and friendly Nikolai is a true artist with his own musicality!

1.Voices 05:04
2. Tzigana 02:27
3. Prodidgy 03:34
4. Dreaming 04:52
5. Smoke 03:34
6. Cosmic 03:59
7. Duna 04:35
8. Organika 03:18

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