EP Didgital, projet musical basé sur le duo Baptiste Vallet et Kéké Muin

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EP: DIDGITAL , Info and tracks: DUO Baptiste Vallet and Kéké Muin

We are “Didgital” and we love it! Fusion in essence and temperament, Didgital, a musical project based on the duo Baptiste Vallet and Kéké Muin (13 years of complicity within the late Djemdi with more than 300 concerts), has the Didgeridoo as its center of gravity.
Ritually used by the first inhabitants of Australia for ceremonies, Didgital makes the didgeridoo speak in a much more profane way, even though the emotions and feelings that can be felt are imbued with a certain spirituality...

0:00: Azayam
04:52: 7Basics
09:16: Ashes
1:06 p.m.: Koo2 (with Rod at Balafon)
4:40 p.m.: Zebra

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