Beeswax Sugarbag didgeridoo

Vendue en portion de 13gr
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The real Australian beeswax, called Sugarbag bees, 100% authentic.

It is produced by wild black bees (which do not sting because they do not have a sting) from northern Australia. It is traditionally the material of choice for making mouthpieces and filling small cracks. As you can see, it is much darker than our beeswax. Sugarbag wax is a mixture of wax and propolis. Its good smell still reminds me of Australia....
Nowadays it is more and more difficult to obtain Sugarbag because our producer in Australia only takes very small quantities leaving a large part to the hive, it takes him almost 6 months to be able to send us 500gr... It is about respecting the hive in its natural state. You will thus understand the price due to the rarity of the product...
Sold in 13gr portions. One serving is large enough for 1 mouthpiece or 2 smaller ones.
Little tip: Naturally stickier than European beeswax, you can mix natural yellow wax with Sugarbag to obtain a better texture.
The video below shows you wild black bees and the richness of Aboriginal lands:

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