BaliSteelPan E paradiso

E / G# B D# E F# G# B - Frais de port, housse de protection et chiffon microfibre inclus!
- Optional

Here is the latest version of the Bali Steel Pan (since January 2022), immediately specifying that this model is not a Hang PANArt, but a creation of the SteelPans family, born from the passion of three men. Handmade in Bali (Indonesia). They come from the original workshop of Ketut Suda, Neghah Resna and managed by Chris Andersen. What takes the most time is tuning by hammering. Each hammer blow changes all the notes and will have an influence on the final quality of the instrument. It therefore takes time, patience, precision and know-how. New Steel, New finish!

Characteristics: Stainless Steel / Weight: 3.8kg / Height: 23cm / Diameter: 56cm / SOUND: A 440 Hz

E paradiso range: E / G# B D# E F# G# B

- Shipping costs included, protective cover and microfiber cloth included!

- Instrument guaranteed for 2 years

How does it work? The Bali Steel Pan includes 9 notes: a central note and eight notes distributed around it. The 8 notes are organized to play the scale (rise, fall) alternating left hand and right hand. Using the whole hand, or just one finger, the possibilities are endless. With the lower part of the instrument you can play udu type sounds. Each Hand Pan is a unique piece, bears our signature and a serial number.

What are the latest developments?

  • New for 2022: We are currently working with new stainless steel sheets or stainless steel. It offers a very good balance between strength and corrosion resistance.
  • New size: We are getting closer to the standard sizes of handpans, namely 56cm / 22 inches ​
  • Evolutions 2018, Double Oval "tooth" on the ding: This new double Oval ding aims to stiffen, stabilize the central harmonic table and reduce the high harmonics very present on the BaliSteelPan.
  • Note shape: Oval and spiral inclination towards the center of the ding, better controlled sustain and more precise harmonics.
  • Strapping: Each instrument is delivered with its protective rubber edge.

- Secure shipping by carrier, in a reinforced wooden box . Your package will be shipped within 48 hours maximum. I use the services of independent carriers such as UPS or Chronopost, depending on your location. Your package will be delivered to you against signature.


Bali Steel Pan

How does the Bali Steel Pan sound?

The Bali Steel Pan is larger in diameter and height than the hang. It will therefore have more sustain (capacity of the instrument to preserve or maintain the sound of a note, without it being replayed). The Bali does not require playing loudly to sound. We worked a lot on improving the sound of the higher notes and thus bringing out the louder octaves. This also improves the sound of lower notes due to so-called "sympathetic" resonance (notes on which no action is exerted, but which sound by simple resonance).


Certified tuning!

Upon receipt of the instruments from the workshop, I check the condition and tuning of your Bali Steel Pan before offering it for sale. Please note: I do not sell any handpans on Amazon or Ebay. I work exclusively and directly with the original manufacturer Chris Andersen and Ketut's workshop. I draw your attention to the fact that this new model no longer has anything to do with the old versions of Bali Steel Pans. Unfortunately, many other manufacturers in Indonesia use the name Bali Steel Pan and flood the market with instruments of poor quality.

Definition of the price of Bali Steel Pan handpans:

I am dependent on the EUR/USD ratio and the exchange rate is often set at a very low position. However, I strive to reduce the sale price of Bali Steel Pans as much as possible. Prices are inclusive of VAT . Costs relating to the importation of instruments (taxes, customs fees, etc.) are already included in the sale price of the instruments. You then know exactly the amount of your order, unlike a direct purchase.

Packaging :

Your instrument is sent in a secure and reinforced wooden box (dimensions Lxlxh=66x66x35cm). The balisteelpan is shipped in its cover. I wrap the instrument in yellow foam and then prop it up with polystyrene (total weight of box, instrument and protection: 14kg).




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