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Online course Didg'Exploration

Learn the Didgeridoo Online

Courses by Zalem Delarbre "Didg'Exploration" !

Zalem : I discovered the didgeridoo in 2002 and quickly fell in love with it... Becoming a professional musician 5 years later, this instrument has allowed me to live from my passion, with concerts and masterclasses all over the world. I am very pleased to present my online didgeridoo classes.

What is Didg'Exploration? This is the name I gave to this online training. The term "exploration" means a lot to me, and it's a bit my philosophy with the didgeridoo. This instrument has no limits, its exploration is an exciting journey into different universes, music, understanding our bodies, and well-being!


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  1. Module :  "Didgeridoo Fundamentals" A module for beginners who want to learn the didgeridoo with a solid foundation.




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