Koshi Terra Chime

Terra: élément Terre, Gamme Do Majeur: Sol, Do, Mi, Fa, Sol, Do, Mi, Sol
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Each Koshi chime is the result of a refined artisanal technique. Made in a workshop at the foot of the Pyrenean mountains.

Gently swing the chime while holding it by its cord: the crystalline and relaxing sound will enchant you. Suspended, it will play with the wind and take you far away to an unexpected melody. Everyone can play them and they feel good, they are one of those instruments that immerse us in immediate softness and relaxation. They bring joy and peace.

This Terra model , Koshi signature decorated with a touch of green, roots us in the heart of the Earth element . It is tuned according to a C Major scale: G, C, E, F, G, C, E, G

How is the Koshi chime made? With his 21 years of experience in the creation of chimes (Shanti in particular), the artist has developed a high quality musical instrument. The cylinder is made of bamboo veneer (stronger than natural bamboo) treated with natural oil. A real resonance tube, of high acoustic quality. The eight metal sound rods are silver soldered into a metal washer attached to the base of the cylindrical sound box. This gives the sound more depth and enriches the harmonics. The harmonics of the shorter stems gradually dominate and become fundamental notes, thus forming a circular sound series. The diameter of the tube is 6.3 cm and the length is 16.5 cm. The koshi has an ordon with a ring for easy hanging.

The Koshi are treated with a natural finishing oil, of high acoustic quality, thus retaining a beautiful sober and natural appearance. However, as with all wooden objects, they should be treated regularly with a protective oil (teak oil).

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