Australian boulder opal OB22

Poids 7.08g soit 35.4ct / dimensions: 4.8cm x 2.8cm x 0.4cm
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Australian boulder opal

Stone size: 4.8cm x 2.8cm x 0.4cm
Weight: 7.08g or 35.4ct
Unique piece , Delivered in a hemp pouch and cardboard gift bag

What is Boulder Opal?
Boulder Opal, also called Pebble Opal, is native to the Queensland region of Australia discovered in the 1860s. It is found more precisely in the regions of southwest Queensland: Quilpie, Yowah, Eromanga. The sedimentary rocks of this region date from the Cretaceous period (-140 million to -65 million years BC). Most opals come from these very arid regions where, during periods of heavy rainfall, tiny particles of silica have been dissolved in water. When the water evaporated, these pieces of silica crystallized into small spheres in the parent rock and gave birth to opals.

Boulder opal occurs in the form of opal veins trapped in iron ore. It is generally cut so as to leave part of this ore around the opal veins. Its size is therefore quite delicate due to the hardness of iron ore compared to that of opal.

What are the properties and virtues of Boulder Opal in lithotherapy?

Boulder Opal is used in lithotherapy to purify and stabilize energies. It would unblock the chakras and more easily access a deep state of relaxation. The iron which makes up the matrix is an energy amplifier which would increase the virtues of Opal tenfold. Boulder opal helps treat circulatory disorders and relieve problems related to the kidneys and liver.
Boulder opal is a stone of spirituality long used by natives in ceremonies and rights of passage, it is a stone of great effectiveness when one wishes to communicate with guides, angels, animal guides, gods and entities of unknown origin.

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